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Archive for September 2016

Three Wonderful Effects Of Exercise To Senior Adults

If you think that you should be slowing down once you reach senior adulthood, we are sorry to burst your bubble: you are wrong. Though it is true that elderlies should be paying more attention to their movements to not harm themselves, it would not do them any good if they stop exercising or moving…

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What Elders Should Know About Home Care

Home care offers overall support to your elderly loved ones at home. Most elders nowadays really avoid getting assistance or getting displaced away from the comfort of their home. In response to these major concerns, Attentive Care, Inc. is a long-trusted source of home care services in Jersey Shore that can help you understand what…

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6 Must-Read Signals To Consider Home Care For Your Elders

Aging is inevitable and time will come that your body will get tired and need help from someone. As much as possible though, we also want to stay fit amidst the inescapable fate that is still possible with the right lifestyle. Attentive Care, Inc., a trusted provider of home care services in South Jersey, desires…

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Support Coordination: Vital Component In The Success of Home Health Care

Home health care does not exist in a vacuum. If it does, then it would be rendered ineffective. That’s for certain. This is because health care involves many different stakeholders. Coordination, cooperation and collaboration among several players are essential for the venture to be successful in delivering its mission. Different Needs Require Different Roles For…

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Pet Care As Component Of Home Health Care: Why Not?

You may have seen the video footage on CNN of a daring rescue by a young man of an elderly woman whose car she was driving plunged into a rampaging floodwater. After the woman was pulled out from her submerged car, she pleaded her rescuer to find her dog, too. At first the young man…

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