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Archive for November 2016

5 Tips to Effectively Care for Your Senior Parents

Seniors need comprehensive care, especially when they have other health problems which need to be addressed properly. Since aging can cause declination of our health, this only means that our senior parents may become a bit or more dependent. As a leading provider of home care services in Jersey Shore, Attentive Care, Inc. wants to…

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Aging Parents: Why You Should Be There For Them

Aging is something we cannot avoid and it’s the reality of how our life cycles. When our parents grow old, it’s necessary to be there for them always. Why? Simply because they’re our parents. They’re the ones who gave life to us and who raised us to become what we are right now. This is…

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Obtain a Rewarding Career from Attentive Care, Inc

Health care, particularly the in-home one, is a burgeoning industry. Health care franchises, registries and home health agencies are sprouting up like mushrooms after a downpour. Credit that to the flooding demands for their services. It seems that the number of people who get old, sick or injured is constantly on the rise. Add to…

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Diabetes: Sugar May Not Be The Sole Culprit

We cannot avoid pointing an accusing finger at sugar every time the issue of diabetes crops up. If we could curse the white (sometimes brown) stuff, we would have done so. In fact, there are some people who go to the extreme of calling sugar a white poison. But this may be unfair. If sugar…

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