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4 Benefits of Exercise for the Elderly

Attentive Care, Inc. knows that every senior needs to be strong and healthy. As we provide home care services in South Jersey, we integrate exercise into our services. Want to know why? It is because there are a lot of benefits a simple person can gain out of the activity and this does not exempt our seniors from such privilege.

But before you start planning for your senior’s exercise routine, it is our job as caregivers to inquire what kind of exercise is best suited for our patient or if he or she would be able to do it. We have written a blog pointing out to the steps you need to observe before letting your senior begin the routine. The blog is entitled “A Senior’s Guide to Getting Started on Exercise” and you can read the blog in our website at This is the code we follow here in our home care services in South Jersey.

So what are the benefits your seniors can get out of having an exercise routine that
is strictly followed? We have four answers to that question. These four answers are linked to the four main types of exercise and these are:

When we are old, we could feel the weight of time hovering around our shoulders. We would get more tired than usual. Before, you were used to going up and down the stairs without breaking a sweat. But now, times have changed and even if you are only halfway through the stairs, you would easily get tired. Previously, you can take part in the marathon but today, the only marathon you know is going to the bathroom to empty your bladder. This is what our seniors are experiencing.

If you include exercises or physical activities that helps build up their endurance, you can let them have the ability to enjoy their vigor so that they can keep up with their grandchildren in playing chasing games. Such exercise not only increases their breathing but also their heart rate and examples of these exercises and/or activities are:

  • Biking
  • Brisk walking
  • Dancing
  • Jogging
  • Swimming

As we grow old, our strength deteriorates. Your beloved senior could no longer carry their weight let alone their baggage. The sad thing about this part is that seniors could no longer carry their own grandchildren in their arms. Everybody wants to see and carry their own children’s sons or daughters. With exercise, you could make their muscles stronger. You can do so by letting them lift weights or just using a resistance band.

Has your senior ever find walking so difficult? This may be because of 3 reasons and these reasons are:

  • They tend to get tired easily. This happens when they do not have endurance.
  • They do not have the strength to walk. Their strength is what is wrong in this reason.
  • They can fall anytime.

If your senior does not do the things they find enjoyable because they are afraid of falling, chances are, they have something wrong with their balance. But ask their attending physicians first before you conclude that they only need to exercise.

Better flexibility means that you can do a wide range of motion like stretching without feeling pain. Also, when your senior enjoys flexibility, he or she would no longer cry out in pain once they move. It even increases blood to flow to their muscles!

These are what we have noticed when we include exercise to the daily routines of our seniors when we provide home care services in South Jersey. As a caregiver, what are the other benefits your senior has enjoyed from exercising? Answer the question by typing in your answer in our comment section below.

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