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5 Tips to Effectively Care for Your Senior Parents

Seniors need comprehensive care, especially when they have other health problems which need to be addressed properly. Since aging can cause declination of our health, this only means that our senior parents may become a bit or more dependent.

As a leading provider of home care services in Jersey Shore, Attentive Care, Inc. wants to share a few tips to effectively care for your senior parents at home.

  • Visit doctor regularly – regular doctor appointment is necessary for all people in all ages, especially for seniors. Accompany your senior parents during their doctor visits in order to stay updated about their health. Checkups are also essential for early detection and prevention of various health problems that may occur.
  • Prepare healthy meals and snacks – everyone needs healthy foods to stay healthy. Hence, you should as well give only healthy meals and snacks for your senior parents to keep their health well. Always include fruits and vegetables on their meals. You also can ask the nutritionist’s help for the appropriate foods to give to your senior parents.
  • Establish light exercise routine – exercise is important to everyone as it can help regulate blood flow, improve mobility, and a lot more health benefits. Let your parents do light exercises daily to help their mobility and health. You can also ask the doctor for applicable exercises that your senior parents can do.
  • Organize home for safety reasons – seniors may experience blurred vision, imbalance, nausea, and more which can lead to home related accidents like falling and tripping. Move your furniture and appliances aside to allow spacious way for your senior parents to pass through. Also clean floors for obstructions and put rubber mats in wet places.
  • Give assistance to personal care – since the health of your senior parents are declining, they may be unable to satisfy their personal care needs. These needs may include grooming, dressing, incontinence, bathing, and more. Assist them on all of these activities to improve their life and health.

Here at Attentive Care, Inc., it is our primary goal to provide the most reliable and compassionate home care services in Jersey Shore for seniors, disabled, ill, and to everyone who need our help. With us, your loved ones will be in good hands because our staff are highly trained, experienced, and warm hearted. Hence, if you need help in giving proper care and assistance to your senior parents at home, you can always trust Attentive Care, Inc.

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