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6 Must-Read Signals To Consider Home Care For Your Elders

Aging is inevitable and time will come that your body will get tired and need help from someone. As much as possible though, we also want to stay fit amidst the inescapable fate that is still possible with the right lifestyle.

Attentive Care, Inc., a trusted provider of home care services in South Jersey, desires the same goal as you and most especially for your elderly loved ones. We see the need for elders to have home care companion primarily because they need assistance at home before things could even go wrong. We have observed the most common signals from elders that indicate they should have a professional companion at home:

Messy home environment
If there is clutter all over the house and the place seems to stink with bad odor, then maybe they are having a difficulty in maintaining the place clean and tidy. This is most probably because of the debilitating effects of muscle weakening and impairment of the senses.

Lack of proper hygiene
Speaking of weakened muscles, this also causes them to delay or decrease the number of times they groom themselves. The bathroom and kitchen are usually the most common areas where elders sometimes think twice in going to because these places have sharp objects, slippery areas, and other issues that are greatly affected by their mobility issues.

When they start to forget stuff more often than they do, they might be experiencing the onset of brain diseases. We do not want to put them in danger because elders might forget they were cooking or ironing that could lead to bigger disasters.

Decreased medication adherence
One major problem among elders is that they miss taking their medications due to memory problems. Memory does weaken over time and this is how a quality provider of home care services in South Jersey, like Attentive Care, Inc. can help. We can administer medications that need extra-carefulness, remind them to take their medicines, and other medication management aspects.

Unusual mood swings
There are several factors that affect a person’s mood. This can be their eating habits, their sleeping routine, medication and its side effects, physiological aspects, mental capabilities, external factors, and others. One important purpose of a home care companion is that they can take note of these unusual mood swings and report them to their respective doctors for a more specialized interpretation. Family members cannot always be there to take note of these moods; why not get the right help from Attentive Care, Inc., a trustworthy provider of home care services in South Jersey.

Poor diet
Your elders might not easily be able to get out to the market and buy the right healthy foods. For convenience, they would easily buy canned goods or some refrigerated, ready-to-cook perishables for easy cooking. These foods are filled with preservatives which are apparently not good for your loved ones.

If you think Attentive Care, Inc. is the right provider of home care services in South Jersey for you and your loved ones, then call us today for information and assistance. We encourage you to leave comments and suggestions as you go through our services.