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A Caregiver’s Guide: Steps to Getting Started on Exercise

As a provider of quality home care services in Jersey Shore, Attentive Care, Inc. has exposed all our clients to exercise for as long as we could. We believe that if our seniors engage in exercise, the better their chances of living comfortably despite their old age.

It is also our main responsibility to give our seniors what is best for them. So as a caregiver, we need to be able to follow the following essential steps before letting our patients exercise. This is a precaution so that we, the caregivers here in Attentive Care, Inc., will be able to fully cater our patient’s needs through our finest home care services in Jersey Shore. Without any further ado, here are the steps to getting your senior started on exercise:

1. Consult their doctors
You need to ask your patient’s physician to whether or not it is safe for your patient to exercise especially if they are experiencing pain and discomfort in any part of their body.

2. Research on what your patient wants to do
Exercise is commitment. In order to stay committed, your dear senior should enjoy the activity and not find it a chore.

3. Set a goal
Talk with your client on the goals you and they want so that you will be able to share a common purpose in exercising.

4. Look for equipments your senior can use
These exercise equipments does not have to be bought from the department stores or in the mall. A simple everyday household item would do.

5. Make a schedule
In order to follow your common goal, you need to set a schedule on when the exercise activity will start and end. In this way, your patients will be able to get used to it and anticipate and prepare for the activity.

6. Learn about exercises your seniors can perform
This step boils down to learning the following things you must consider before letting your senior execute the exercise:

  • Intensity – how much effort will be needed
  • Duration – how long should the patient exercise
  • Types – what type of exercise is good for the wellbeing of your senior

7. Set a place where your senior can exercise
It is best when you have a room for your senior to move around to help him or her exercise. You do not even have to limit yourself to a room. Try bringing your senior outside to encourage them to participate in senior activities in the community.

8. Consider safety among all others
Lastly, be sure to make a safety guideline so that you will be able to have an idea which things you should and should not do. Because we promote attentive care, we make certain that our home care services in Jersey Shore are given with outmost safety.

What about you? What are the things you need to do before you expose your senior to exercise? Let us know them by commenting down below.

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