You’re weighing elder care services with an assisted living community or at your mom’s home. One of the debates is if it’s best to move your mom to an apartment or cottage that is smaller and easier to maintain. It’s a tough decision.

Caregiver in Medford NJ: Selling Senior’s Home

Caregiver in Medford NJ: Selling Senior’s Home

Smaller homes in a retirement community may seem ideal. Your mom will be surrounded by others her age. At the same time, selling the family home is physically and emotionally draining. Here are the things you may not realize will have to happen.

Your Mom Needs to Find a Place She Likes

Your mom needs time to tour a variety of senior communities. In addition to a tour, many recommend stopping by for a meal or two before making a final decision.

Once she’s decided, there may not be rooms available for a few months. This can make timing the sale of the house a little difficult to manage.

The House May Not Sell Quickly

Retirement communities that offer elder care services like prescription reminders, transportation, and meals can cost a lot of money each month. The national median rent for senior housing is just over $3,600 a month. If you’re relying on the sale of the house to pay the rent and it doesn’t sell fast, it can be alarming.

Packing and Cleaning Can Take a While

Packing up your parents’ items takes time. When the goal is to downsize, many items need to be given away or sold. Sorting through the items, messaging family members and friends to see if anyone wants anything, and transporting the items can take weeks when you also hold a job.

After items are cleared out, you have to clean the house from top to bottom. Potential buyers look for clean floors, walls, counters, sinks, and tile. If there are stains or damage to walls, floors, or counters, you want to clean and repair as much as possible. In an older home, a fresh coat of neutral paint color is a good idea.

Closings Don’t Happen Instantly

After getting an offer, the buyer needs time to have an inspection done. There’s an appraisal, inspection of the septic and HVAC system, and title search that needs to be completed. If all of that passes, the bank schedules a closing. It’s not unheard of for a closing to get scheduled two or three months after the offer is made.

Home Care Service Eliminate Stress and Uncertainty

Elder care services at home may make more sense. Your mom stays in a neighborhood that’s familiar. She knows the streets and layout of her house. With caregivers stopping by, she is able to live at home without risking her safety or emotional well-being. Call an elder care agency to learn more.

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