Heart Health is important at any age. For your mom and dad, you and your siblings, and even your children, it’s time to focus on the things that keep your hearts healthy. September 29th is World Heart Day. It’s a good time to start focusing on heart health by increasing everyone’s heart-healthy activities.


Caregiver in Turnersville NJ: World Heart Day

Caregiver in Turnersville NJ: World Heart Day


What is World Heart Day?

World Heart Day started in 2012 when leaders from around the world decided it was time to reduce the numbers of people with heart disease. At that point, heart disease was the number one cause of death around the globe. By reducing risks like smoking, avoiding physical activity, and making unhealthy food choices, people were increasing the chances of developing heart disease.


What Activities Can You Do Together as a Family?

Take the three areas of focus: smoking cessation, diet, and exercise. Plan a day of activities around these. Smoking cessation may not be an issue in your family. If it is, sit down and talk about ways to quit. There are government programs that provide smoking cessation products to help with nicotine withdrawal. Make a call to one of those programs or the family doctor to learn more.

Diet is one area where you can work together as a family. Sit down in teams and create heart-healthy diet plans. Research the best foods, recipes, and menu plans. Look over the different plans and vote on them. Head off to shop for the ingredients and have a family dinner making the winning meal.

Make sure the children are involved in cooking, too. They may be too little to use a knife or stir something in a hot pan, but they can help in other ways. They could wash the vegetables, hand you ingredients, or help stir items in a bowl on the counter.

For exercise, find activities to do together as a family. Head out to a frisbee golf course and try it out. Walking around the course is exercise. You also get exercise as you throw the flying disk into the target cages.

Orienteering is another exercise for the whole family. Get a compass, find a local orienteering trail that’s suitable to everyone’s fitness level, and start searching for the checkpoints.


Keep the Momentum Going With Caregivers

After World Heart Day, keep the momentum going by hiring caregivers to cook healthy meals. Caregivers can also make sure your parents keep exercising. They can join your parents on walks to a nearby park or drive them to the senior center for Yoga or other exercise classes.

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