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Eight Ways to Help Older Adults Stay Energetic with Age

As we age, it is common for our energy levels to drop and a lot of older adults just do not have the energy to get out and enjoy their senior years. This can truly be discouraging and frustrating. However, this does not need to be permanent. There are some tricks that you can do to boost your energy levels and enjoy the meaningful life you used to have.

  • Spend Time Hiking

    Although your knees may no longer be able to climb hills, a brisk walk along an indoor track or neighborhood trail can make you feel alert and focus. For an added vitamin D boost, consider walking outside. In case you, you don’t like walking, think about joining a yoga class.

    A brisk activity which doesn’t wear you out offers you some benefits. Studies have shown that exercise can boost your cardiovascular system’s efficiency and enhance neurotransmitters linked to energy production such as dopamine.

  • Consume Lots of Water

    Keep in mind that dehydration can adversely impact energy levels, particularly for older adults. Studies show that 20% body dehydration can lead to a 30% decrease in physical capacity. That is why people must consume around two liters of water every day. Those who feel tired or sluggish can drink water and eat a healthy snack to perk up their energy levels.

  • Do not Smoke

    Although nicotine in cigarettes can produce a short burst of energy, they have short-term effects and people who smoke experience more drastic drops in energy levels than those who avoid the habit. Smokers tend to have a diminished lung capacity which means that their lungs cannot supply as much oxygen to the muscles and brain as such systems should function for optimum performance. In turn, this results in declining energy levels and fatigue.

  • Have a Healthy Diet

    Your diet has a considerable effect on the levels of energy that your body has. Diets that are rich in sugars, processed foods, and carbs will make you feel tired. Meanwhile, foods that are rich in vitamins, quality proteins, and lean fats are perfect for sustained energy as well as a positive and active outlook. Whole food sources such as tuna, turkey, chicken, as well as, leafy greens, seeds, and eggs are perfect for optimal energy levels.

  • Get Enough Sleep

    Sleeplessness will not make you feel active and rested the next morning. Unluckily, a lot of older adults suffer from sleep issues which impair their ability to feel refreshed when they wake up. It is important to visit your physician in case you have trouble sleeping. Issues like chronic insomnia or sleep apnea may need medical attention. Develop healthy sleeping habits like banning electronics in the bedroom, keeping the room temperature cool, making your room as dark as possible and developing a bedtime routine.

  • Consider Meditation

    Meditation provides lots of benefit to your well-being, health, and energy levels. A lot of studies revealed the connection between medication and increased energy, focus, and production. As meditation enables the brain to shut off for some time, it helps you recharge and re-focus. A local yoga center or meditation group in your community provides meditation sessions so look around.

  • Deal with your Stress

    Stress that is not treated can suck up your energy and make it hard for you to function during the day. That is why you must develop methods to deal with stress in positive and healthy ways. Attentive Care, Inc., a provider of home care services in Jersey Shore, suggests coping with your stress by talking to a trusted confidant or consulting with a therapist. Having control of your stress allows you more energy to do the more important things in your life.

  • Engage in Something which Excites You

    Sometimes, we feel tired or lethargic if we no longer take in unique experiences or learn new things. But there is a solution for this. Think about joining a class or starting a new hobby. Simple things such as book clubs or arts courses can help in making you feel engage and offer you something to get excited every day.


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