It’s not always obvious that your elderly family member needs more help. Sometimes you need to look a little deeper at the small hints.

Elder Care in Cherry Hill NJ: Many of the signs that your family member needs more help from you are more subtle than you might expect.

Her House Is Cluttered and Dirty

Clutter, dirt, and a general unkempt feeling can start to build up in your senior’s home when she’s not able to keep up with it like she used to. She may be too tired or too unwell to handle things in the same way that she did in the past. This might be a case of simply needing someone else to pick up that slack for her.

She’s Got Piles of Unopened Mail

It can become exhausting to your elderly family member to keep up with tasks like bill paying and handling the mail. You might be able to take that over for your elderly family member, allowing her to still handle what she wants to handle of those tasks. At this stage, your senior may want you to simply handle it all for her.

Her Food Supply Isn’t What it Needs to Be

It’s difficult to keep up with grocery shopping and cooking at certain stages. Your elderly family member may find that it’s easier to rely on takeout or convenience foods in order to eat, even if she doesn’t like those much. The problem with that is that your elderly family member needs to get solid nutrition in order to keep her health and her strength.

She’s Not Taking Care of Herself

When you visit your aging adult, has her appearance seemed to change a bit? These little changes to how she dresses and how she does even simple things, like fixing her hair, can be an indication that her approach to hygiene and to personal care is changing a bit. It might be too much for her to handle on her own anymore and she might need some more assistance.

Her Car Is Looking Worse for Wear

Keeping up with car maintenance takes time, energy, and attention, too. If you’re noticing that your senior’s car isn’t looking cared for any longer, you might be right. You may also want to look for dings and dents that could indicate problems with driving and parking, too. All of these signs could be indications that you and your senior need to talk about driving.

It’s okay if you’re not personally able to give your elderly family member the help that she needs right away. Hiring elder care providers gives you assistance without overwhelming you and causing you to drop some of your other important responsibilities.

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