One of the major concerns that many seniors have is falling and being injured.
Their fears certainly aren’t unfounded. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that millions of people aged 65 and older fall every year. When a senior falls, they could suffer minor injuries like bruises and scrapes. However, the damage could be much worse. A fall could result in a broken hip, a head injury, or even death. One way that you can help your aging relative to stay safer at home is by hiring home care.


Elder Care in Mount Laurel NJ: Senior Falls

Elder Care in Mount Laurel NJ: Senior Falls


Home care providers can be the first line of defense in preventing dangerous falls by doing the things described below.


Keeping the Home Free of Clutter
When your aging relative’s home is filled with clutter, like stacks of magazines, shoes left lying in walkways, or items left on the stairs, their chances of falling are increased. Clutter is a serious risk factor for falling because the older adult could trip over it. Clear walkways are free from trip hazards. Home care providers can assist with removing clutter by picking up the house during their visits.


Providing Transportation
You might be wondering how driving your aging relative places could help them to prevent a fall. Well, seeing a doctor for a fall assessment is an important first step in keeping older adults from falling. A doctor can discuss medication changes to prevent dizziness or balance problems, ways to strengthen muscles, and things the senior can do to improve their balance. However, if they cannot get to the appointment, the doctor cannot help them. A home care provider can drive your older family member to the appointment.


Keeping the Home Brightly Lit
When a senior cannot see well, they are more likely to trip over things or misjudge doorways or stairs. Part of helping them to see better at home is to keep the house brightly lit. That means making sure lightbulbs are promptly changed when they blow out. Unfortunately, reaching bulbs in ceiling fixtures can be too difficult for some seniors and even be dangerous since it may involve climbing on a step ladder or chair. A home care provider can change burned out bulbs as soon as they notice them, keeping the house brighter and making it easier for the senior to see.


Help Walking
Sometimes the best way to prevent an older adult from falling is simply to take their arm and offer them some extra support. However, when seniors are alone, there’s no one available to help them walk safely around the house or outside. A home care provider can be the person that helps them move from room to room, get in and out of the bath or shower, and even go for walks around the neighborhood.


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