If your beloved parent is hard of hearing, you may be worried about how that will affect his or her quality of life. Here’s the good news. Hearing aids have come a long way. Not only are they better and smaller, but there’s also now a hearing aid that can detect and report falls.

Elderly Care in Evesham NJ: Hearing Aides

Elderly Care in Evesham NJ: Hearing Aides



You heard that right. Starkey Hearing Technologies, a heretofore little known company in the quiet town of Eden Prairie, Minnesota, has developed a hearing aid that will report when mom or dad falls. It can be programmed to send messages to as many as three recipients.

And bionic hearing aids are just one of many technologies that will change the landscape of those golden years. As more and more baby boomers join the over 65 cohorts, technology development companies race against each other to come up with technology that will keep boomers active and capable well into their retirements.


Here are two more products that look promising.

The Komp

Developed in Norway, the Komp is a computer tablet that has been specifically designed for the pre-computer, over eighty cohorts. It works much like an old fashioned television set, making it familiar to people who grew up with network TV. Instead of an in-set power button, the Komp has a knob that the user turns sideways to make it go on or off. Once it’s on, it takes phone calls and shares photos from loved ones who have remote access to the device. The user need only look at the screen. No swiping or clicking.

The Komp is easy enough for users with cognitive impairments as well as seniors who have resisted the smartphone era. If your parent or grandparent is resistant to using a mobile phone because of the small size of the print or the difficulty intuiting how it works, the Komp may be the answer.


Lea, the robotic dance partner

Another device that caregivers will want to check out is the “Lean Empowering Assistant” or “Lea” for short. Imagine a sexy, interactive walker that can hold a simple conversation. That’s Lea.

Lea was specifically designed for people with chronic conditions, like Parkinson’s, that put them at risk of a fall. Not only does it keep its customers safe while walking, it can also remind people to take medications, call loved ones, and detect emergencies.

Lea’s touch screen provides a myriad of options. She can catch users up with the news, sing a song, and even provide a dance partner for those who want to foxtrot or waltz.


Home care also helps seniors stay active and engaged

Home care also has the power to transform old age. Home care professionals can do time-consuming chores, like cleaning, cooking, and laundry. When your loved one is freed of chores that may have become difficult, he has time to learn new things, get more exercise, and explore new technologies that provide a greater quality of life.

In short, old age does not necessarily narrow one’s options and experiences. With new tech and home care, seniors can make every minute count. And that’s great news for the caregivers who love them.


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