Your mom has been in a bit of a funk lately. Nothing, in particular, is causing it, but you’re trying to help her feel better. All of the walls in her home are white. It’s sterile and boring. She’s asked if you’d help her paint some rooms. The goal is to use color to improve her mood.


Elderly Care in Medford NJ: Improve Your Mom's Mood

Elderly Care in Medford NJ: Improve Your Mom’s Mood


What colors are best? These are the different ways colors impact mood. Try to match the color to the room’s use. You’d want a bedroom to be calming. A dining room and family room should be invigorating. A home office or den should be inspiring. Take a closer look.



Blue is an excellent color for a bedroom or lounge. It’s a soothing color that can help lower blood pressure and relax the mind. Aim for warmer blues like the color of the sky on a sunny day. Darker navy shades may be a bit more depressing. Use them carefully as accents rather than main wall colors.



With green, it’s easy to bring a natural feel to a room. Green is the color of the grass and the trees. Pair it with browns and beige to create a room that feels peaceful and relaxing.

Play around with the shade of green. Avocado colored walls create a beachy feel if you pair them with pale wood flooring and white trim. Add some houseplants to create a sense of zen.



Put orange in a family room or living room where your mom does her exercise routines. It’s an invigorating color that helps inspire action and movement. It’s a good office color as it does stimulate the brain.



This is a great color if your mom needs inspiration. Purple is a color that sparks creativity and thought. Darker purples like eggplant or grape are ideal in living rooms and kitchens. Bedrooms should have a more soothing shade like lilac.



If your mom wants her mood to be edgier and social, red is a good color. It can lean towards making some feel antsy and mad, but in a room where socializing is encourages, such as a dining room or family room, it’s a great choice.



Yellow is an invigorating, cheery color. It’s the color of the sun, daffodils, and lemons. It’s a good color choice when your mom wants to feel happy and uplifted.

Don’t use yellow to the point it’s overkill. Yellow walls are fine, but the seating and other furnishings need to be a different color. You could pair yellow walls with a cream leather sofa and black lamps.

How else can you help your mom with her mood? Make sure she has plenty of opportunities to socialize. Senior care aides can spend time talking to your mom while helping her with daily chores. Laundry, housekeeping, and meal preparation are some of the senior care services that will most help her. Call a home care agency to discuss the full range of services.

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