When your dad needs help with daily activities, where do you start? Your dad’s safety and wellness are primary concerns, but you cannot wear yourself out trying to help him with everything. You need to create a care plan that works for everyone.


Elderly Care in Tunersville NJ: Successful Elder Care Strategies

Elderly Care in Tunersville NJ: Successful Elder Care Strategies


Elder care isn’t going to work well if your dad feels forced into it. If you take time planning the right elder care strategy for your dad first and your family second, caregivers are effective at helping him live independently. These are the key points to discuss and plan.


Consider What He Can and Cannot Manage

Look over a full list of the things your dad does well on his own and those that challenge him. He doesn’t have to have caregivers helping with everything. If he’s able to do the laundry on his own, let him. If his abilities change, you can have home care services added with ease.

Sit down and have a family discussion about the things your dad can do. He may say he is fine on his own, but those who have spent time with him know where he struggles. He says he can cook his meals, but all you’ve seen him do is order takeout. That’s a good sign that he’s not eating well and would benefit from meal preparation services.


What About Others?

Can others help him in some areas? If you can cook on weekends and your brother can help with grocery shopping, your dad won’t need full-time elder care services. Create a schedule of what others can help with and when. Where there are gaps, look into caregivers.


Take Baby Steps

Don’t dive right in. Start slow and let your dad get used to it. Hire elder care aides to come once a week to start. Stay there for the first few days. You can answer the caregiver’s questions, and your dad will feel more comfortable with you there.

As he gets used to having help from a professional caregiver, you can start to leave him alone with the caregiver. Try a few hours away at first. See how it goes and stay away for a full day. Soon, he’ll be eager to have his caregiver helping out and won’t even notice that you’re gone.


Let Your Dad Lead the Way

Elder care goes well when your dad feels like he’s in control. Let him take the lead when it comes to interviews and planning. It makes sense. He’s the person who will be working closely with caregivers each week, so he should have the most say. Call to learn more.


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