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Four Excellent Tips to Make your Senior Loved One’s Home Safe

For elderly people, an accident or fall in the house can have lasting and serious consequences. Around 75% of accidents in homes for the elderly people involve a fall and often take place in the kitchen or bathroom. The following tips can help in preventing falls and avoiding injury in your senior’s home.

Determine Problem Areas

In order to avoid accidents, it is important to identify possible problem areas in advance. This includes space which makes it harder for elderly people to maneuver. We at a dependable provider of home care services in South Jersey, suggest that you ask your older family member where he may have mobility limitations like in the bathroom or on the stairs and plan accordingly.

Make a Plan of Action

You can add a sturdy handrail on the stairs’ sides or improve the front door’s lighting. It is imperative to walk through every room to know how safe every area is. Some updates like hardwood floors, taping rugs or lights to high traffic areas can surely make a difference in terms of ensuring safety. There are many other things that you can do to improve the safety of all areas for your senior loved one. If he lives with a caregiver, you can get suggestions from the professional as he may already have an idea of which area your senior loved one has a problem accessing.

Make the Living Space Safer

You can rearrange the living room in order to accommodate more space or remove the coffee/ table from the room. Also, you can get decorative wall sconces installed to help in leading the way to the bathroom when the night time comes. Simple changes like moving hazardous power cords, keeping towels handy for possible spills or cleaning up clutter can mean the difference between a safe and hazardous space.

Make a Plan In Case of Fall

You need to come up with a plan when an accident or fall happens. Make sure you have everyday checkpoints with your elderly loved one who live by himself or even if he is with his caregiver. Wearable devices which signal for help can be an option when an emergency takes place. We at
Attentive Care, Inc
, an expert in terms of home care services in South Jersey recommend that you keep essential prescription medication and contact numbers in a place that is accessible in case of an emergency.

At Attentive Care, Inc, we ensure that our clients are safe. Although our people who offer the ultimate home care services in South Jersey will be monitoring them at all times, sometimes able seniors still want a bit of independence. That is why we always suggest keeping their homes as safe as possible for them. For assistance, please call us at 1-800-493-5660.