Dementia is a word used to describe a set of symptoms affecting a person’s ability to think, their memory, and being able to reason.
However, there are several different kinds of dementia. The most common kind of dementia is Alzheimer’s disease. Some other types are Lewy body dementia and frontotemporal dementia. Though the symptoms of the specific kinds of dementia may vary a bit, there are many signs they have in common. Knowing some of the signs of dementia can help family caregivers to spot a problem and get medical care for their older family members sooner.


Home Care Services in Woodbury NJ: Dementia

Home Care Services in Woodbury NJ: Dementia


Below are some signs that may indicate a senior has dementia.


Memory Loss That Affects Day to Day Life

Some forgetfulness is normal as people get older. They might occasionally forget the name of someone they recently met but then remember it later. That’s normal. However, seniors who forget important information frequently may have a more serious issue. Someone with early-stage dementia might forget about appointments or other important dates. Because short-term memory is affected first with dementia, they may not remember information they learned recently, leading to asking the same question over and over.


Trouble Following a Plan

Performing activities that require multiple steps, or a plan, gets harder for older adults with dementia. They may be unable to follow the steps of a recipe even if they’ve made the dish many times. They could also have difficulty balancing a checkbook or paying bills.


Difficulty with Familiar Tasks

Things your aging relative has been doing for years and knows well may become difficult. They might forget the rules for a game they have played frequently. They might get lost driving to the grocery store or back home again. They may even have trouble with something as simple as making a cup of tea.


Communication Problems

Having a conversation or writing a note or letter may become challenging. The older adult may search for the right words to say. They may find it hard to follow conversations or figure out how to enter into them. In writing, you might notice their spelling gets worse or that they don’t follow the rules of grammar.

If your older family member is diagnosed with dementia, elder care can assist with keeping them safe and comfortable at home for longer than might otherwise be possible. Elder care providers can come to the house as often as needed, starting out with just a few times per week and more often as dementia progresses. While there, the elder care provider can keep the senior happily engaged in activities, so they don’t get bored. An elder care provider can also make sure they don’t do anything that could harm them, such as wandering away or using appliances in a dangerous manner.


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