There are some things you simply cannot prepare for when a parent has Alzheimer’s. Everyone is different. The symptoms your grandparent or family friend encountered may not be the same as your mom’s. One thing that some with Alzheimer’s do is constantly feel the need to fidget.


Home Care in Turnersville NJ: Mom Turning Off the AC

Home Care in Turnersville NJ: Mom Turning Off the AC


Fidgeting isn’t always bad. When it involves playing with thermostat controls, it can become a nightmare. During a heatwave, your mom may be in a house that’s far too hot for her safety. If your mom is continually turning off the AC, there are a few things you can try.


Install a Smart Thermostat

If it’s possible, install a smart thermostat in your mom’s home. Set alerts that tell you if her home’s indoor temperature gets higher than her preferred temperature. If you get the alert, you’ll know her AC is off or not working.

You could have a neighbor, a family member, or a friend run over to turn things back up. If you work close enough, you could run over.


Look Into a Wi-Fi Air Conditioner

Some AC units today are Wi-Fi enabled and have apps you can use to adjust the temperature or turn the unit on and off from your smartphone. That can be very helpful if your mom is prone to turning off the AC while she’s fidgeting.


Invest in a Smart Plug

Get a smart plug and plug the AC unit into that. You’ll be able to turn the appliance on and off from the app on your phone. You can also set a timer to control how long the AC runs during the day.

Smart plugs are also helpful for turning on and off lights at a certain time. When she reaches the stages of sundowning, you’ll be glad you bought them and have them ready to use.


Use Bold Notes to Stop Her

It may or may not work, but sometimes a large note saying “DON’T TOUCH” will be enough to stop your mom from pushing buttons on the AC. Make sure the print is large enough for her to read and keep the message short and simple.


Arrange to Have a Caregiver Visit

Call a senior care agency and arrange caregiver visits. As your mom’s disease progresses, you can boost the hours the caregiver is with her to cover all of the hours you’re out of the home. A senior care specialist can help you find the right schedule for your family’s needs.

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