Your senior might not have had issues in the past with hydration, but as he gets older it can be an ever-bigger problem. Here are some of the reasons he’s seeing this happen.


Home Health Care in Evesham NJ: Dehydration

Home Health Care in Evesham NJ: Dehydration


Thirst Cues Change with Age

Your senior doesn’t notice it because the change is gradual, but his thirst cues start to work differently the older he gets. Drinking water or other hydrating beverages may not occur to him and because he’s not feeling thirsty, he just doesn’t drink as much as he should. Using prompts and reminders, including larger water bottles, can help quite a bit with this.


Your Senior’s Sense of Taste Might Have Changed, Too

But it’s not just his thirst cues that change. Your senior’s entire sense of taste can change, too. Water is bland for a lot of people, but it might be even blander now than ever before, which makes it a lot less appealing. Looking for ways to jazz up the water he’s drinking can help a lot, but you need to be aware of things like too much sugar. Citrus juices can help a lot, without adding lots of sugar and excess calories.


Health and Body Changes Affect Hydration

There’s a lot more that’s changing over time, as well. Your senior’s kidneys and bladder might not be working the same way that they did in the past. Or he might have other health issues that cause him to not drink or process water in the same ways that he used to. All of this can mean that he just doesn’t get the water that he needs as consistently as he needs it.


Medications Are a Common Culprit

Because of how your senior’s body is changing, he might be taking medications. Prescription medications and over-the-counter supplements and medications have side effects that make all sorts of changes happen. Talk to your senior’s doctor about the medications he’s taking and how they might affect his ability to stay hydrated. There might be changes to the medications themselves or to the dosage that can make hydration easier for your senior.

Monitoring fluid intake throughout the day can help. If you need to be elsewhere for the majority of the day, it can be difficult for you to stay on top of how much your senior is drinking. Elder care providers can help with this and so many other situations your senior can encounter.


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