An AARP survey found that around 33 percent of today’s adults over the age of 45 experience loneliness. Is your dad one of them?


Home Health Care in Voorhees NJ: Senior Loneliness

Home Health Care in Voorhees NJ: Senior Loneliness


He may be hiding how lonely he is, so you need to pay attention to these signs.


He’s Calling More Often or Less Often

Seniors who are lonely may start calling their kids far more often than usual. Others do the opposite and stop making calls. If he’s calling more, it’s because he’s looking for someone to talk to. If he stops calling, it could be he’s reached a point in loneliness where depression is setting in and he’s isolating himself.


He Seems Happier Staying Close to Home

You’ve noticed your dad doesn’t often go out anymore. It could be that his friends have moved away. He may be newly widowed and is in mourning. Either way, isolating himself and becoming a bit of a recluse is a sign he’s lonely and possibly depressed.


His Eating Habits Have Changed

When someone is really lonely, eating habits change. Your dad may not be eating as much. He’s skipping meals or eating just a few bites and saying he’s full. On the opposite end of that, he may fill his loneliness with empty calories. If you’ve noticed your dad is eating a lot more sweets than usual, he could be lonely.


He’s Hoarding

People who are lonely often fill the void with material objects. Have you noticed your dad hoarding items he will likely never use? Is he constantly shopping for more and more of something he doesn’t need. For example, he has a shelf full of books that he still hasn’t read, but he just went to a book sale and came home with three bags full of books.


He Talks Often of People He Hasn’t Seen in Months or Years

It’s been years since you’ve heard your dad talk about his best friend in college. They live far apart and stopped seeing each other regularly after having kids. Suddenly, you find your dad talking about that friend every day. He talks about how much fun they used to have today. That can be a good indicator that he’s lonely.


Senior care services cover a variety of options from transportation to meals. One you need to look closely at is companionship services. Call a senior care agency to discover how easy it is to arrange to have a caregiver stop by and spend time keeping your dad company. Call now.


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