Medication side effects, joint and muscle pain, blood sugar levels that are too high or too low, a drop in blood pressure – these are all reasons senior citizens may fall. It can also have nothing to do with physical health. An uneven tile or board, loose scatter rugs, wet floors, and loose railings are also risks.



Elder Care in Medford NJ: Home Improvements for Seniors


The organization American Bone Health states that each year, 3 out of 10 seniors over the age of 64 falls at least once.

These falls often lead to hospital admissions and bone fractures. As high as 30 percent of injuries received during a fall cause issues with mobility and independence.

Take preventative measures before your parent falls. There are several things you can do to help reduce the risk of a fall.


Look Over All the Flooring

Go through the entire house and look for issues with flooring. A cracked tile in a kitchen could slip and lead to a fall. A scatter rug that slides on a wood floor, wet tiles in the bathroom, and uneven decking on a porch or deck are also issues.

On an outside patio, algae and moss become slippery when it’s raining. In the winter, a concrete sidewalk or driveway can get icy fast if preventative measures aren’t taken. Make sure you look over all of these surfaces and correct issues.

Rubberized backing on scatter rugs will help. Non-slip shower/bath mats or adhesive strips help prevent slips on a shower floor. Uneven decking and cracked tiles should be replaced.


Make Sure Stairs Have Rails

All stairs need rails. With a sturdy rail helping support your mom or dad while ascending or descending stairs, the risk of a fall is reduced. Rails should be on stairs within the home, on back decks, and on any raised entry.


Install Grab Bars

Bathrooms used regularly by your elderly parents should have grab bars. The prime locations for grab bars are inside and outside the bath/shower. A bar should be installed near the toilet, too. If your parents’ bathroom is short on space, there are grab bars that double as towel racks.

Ensure your parent has someone checking in regularly. If you live hours away, caregivers can stop by and help with laundry, medication reminders, and meals. Senior care agencies also offer transportation services and assistance with errands. Call a senior care agency to learn more.

If you or an aging loved-one are considering Elder Care in Medford NJ, please contact the caring staff at Attentive Care Inc. 1-800-493-5660

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