It’s easy to get the nutrition she needs if your elderly family member is still cooking and enjoying that process, but if she’s cooking only for herself, she may not be enjoying it. In fact, many aging adults stop cooking because it’s a hassle to only cook for themselves. 


Homecare in Medford NJ: Cooking for One

Homecare in Medford NJ: Cooking for One


These solutions can help.


Use Other Cooking Methods

Some cooking methods, like baking, aren’t always feasible or comfortable to do when cooking for one. Others, like using a toaster oven or an air fryer are much easier to do for smaller meals. Try experimenting with a few of these to find out which ones your elderly family member enjoys more. You might find that you land on some ideas that are even healthier and tastier than what she’s done in the past.


Breakfast for Dinner Can Be the Perfect Choice

Lots of people love cooking breakfast for dinner when time is short, but it can also be the perfect choice when cooking for one. Eggs are full of protein and they can be made so many different ways. There are usually never leftovers, too, which can be a huge problem-solver for your senior.


Cook Bigger Dishes and Break Them Up

But having leftovers doesn’t have to be a big problem. Cooking casseroles two or three times a month gives you a chance to freeze individual portion sizes in containers that work from freezer to table. Your elderly family member can pull out the right amount of food and then heat it up. Casseroles tend to survive the freezing and warming up process really well, making them an excellent choice for this type of situation.


Buy Frozen Ingredients and Just Use the Amount Needed

Something else to consider is buying frozen ingredients and then using them as a “just in time” solution to meals. Frozen proteins, like chicken breasts or shrimp, are easy to keep on hand and then take out as much as you need for a meal. You can do this with frozen fruits and vegetables, too, and then less food goes to waste if it isn’t eaten right away.

Another solution can be for you to hire elderly care providers to take care of the cooking for your senior family member. This makes meals much easier on your elderly family member and can even encourage her to try foods and dishes that she didn’t feel comfortable cooking on her own.


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