The cancer journey is an extremely personal one, and many elderly adults choose not to pursue treatment when they hear their diagnosis.
There are many reasons why an elderly adult may not want to pursue cancer treatment, but common reasons include their current health not being able to sustain the treatment, a life expectancy that is already diminished by health issues, or the desire to preserve a quality of life over quantity of life as they interpret it. Regardless of the reasoning behind your senior’s decisions not to pursue cancer treatment, as a family caregiver, it is still important for you it to find as many ways as possible to help them live their best life. This can include starting home care for them.



Homecare in Turnersville NJ: Cancer Treatment for Seniors

Homecare in Turnersville NJ: Cancer Treatment for Seniors


Some of the ways home care can help a senior who has decided not to pursue cancer treatment include:

-Managing housekeeping tasks so your parent can conserve energy to focus on things they enjoy.

-Assisting your senior with personal care tasks that may become difficult when they are weakened by their disease.

-Meal preparation to help them it get as many nutrients as possible to maintain their functioning and feeling as good as possible.

-Companionship and emotional support so your parent feels acknowledged and avoids feelings of isolation during this challenging time.

-Transportation and support to encourage your elderly loved one to stay involved and enjoy an active and engaged a lifestyle as possible as they age in place.

-Helping them to keep up with other health issues through medication reminders that help them stay compliant with these treatments and medications to get the most benefit possible.

Being a family caregiver for an elderly adult is about more than just making sure they are physically safe and healthy.

While this is an important aspect of care, you should be approaching your care routine with your parent as a whole individual in mind. This will also include thinking about their mental and emotional health and well-being. Bringing home care into your care routine with your elderly parent is a fantastic way to help them experience a better quality of life as a whole individual.

This includes staying physically safer and healthier, maintaining a better mental and emotional health and well-being, experiencing more engagement with the world around them, and finding greater meaning and fulfillment in this chapter of their life.

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