Hospice & Respite Care

Hospice & Respite Care in Williamstown, NJ

Respite Care

Respite care is providing temporary relief for live-in caregivers. Although caregivers are equipped to provide care at all times, they also get tired, therefore this service provides a relief for them to rest, go on a trip, or visit family and friends. It is a time they get to take a break to get their energy back because a tired, overwhelmed, and resentful caregiver is not the best option for a person who requires quality care at home. Respite care is therefore the perfect option to introduce outside help and provides a backup plan in place for future needs.

Hiring a paid caregiver introduce:

  • Help when you need it most
  • A trustworthy person who is supervised by a Registered Nurse
  • A skilled worker who has been trained to care for the elderly
  • Support for the family

In-home care service providers help with Personal care such as:

  • bathing
  • dressing up
  • toileting
  • exercising
  • engaging in social activities
  • Transportation to appointments and running errands

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Hospice Care

Hospice care is a unique type of in-house care that usually lasts for less than one year. More people are choosing to live out their last days in their own home, instead of an institution hence utilizing Hospice care.

What is Hospice care?

There are many myths and misunderstandings about what hospice care is. Many people believe that hospice care is only for the last few days before a person dies however hospice care can last for up to a year, and sometimes more. It is designed to ease suffering when someone is in the advanced stages of a disease as it is more appropriate to focus on quality of life instead of a cure.

Hospice care provides assistance to both you and your loved one who is in the advanced stages of an illness. Hospice care focuses on the quality of life and not curing the disease. The goal for each day of hospice care is to allow your loved ones to live as pain-free and alert as possible so they can have the highest quality of life in their remaining time. The emotional support and companionship hospice care provides to your loved one is the most important care they will receive during this time period.

It is just your loved one who needs hospice care, Our hospice caregivers also provide emotional support to the family and help everyone understand and accept the transition your loved one is going through. Hospice care does not require that your loved one give up seeing any doctors or medical professionals. On the contrary, many hospice patients will continue to receive some life saving treatments and work with a doctor on pain management issues.

What are the advantages of home hospice care?

Hospice care makes the last stages of a person’s life one that can be remembered fondly when they are gone. Because the goal is no longer seeking cure, but instead on comfort and alertness, many family members feel that they finally get their loved one back during hospice care and are able to spend high quality time with their loved one.

When a person receives hospice care in their home, it can help restore a sense of dignity that is often lost when confined to a hospital or other institution for weeks or months at a time. Hospice care allows your loved one as well as their friends and family to accept this new stage of life and come to terms with it. They would have a dedicated caregiver making sure that all their needs are met. Having a hospice caregiver allows you peace of mind, freedom from guilt and the ability to get the rest you need. Hospice care allows the family to worry-less about the day to day needs of their loved one and instead lets them focus on enjoying the time they have left.