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How Older People with Dementia and Adults with Disability Maintain a Good Social and Recreational Life

Disability and older age can have an impact on how you socialize and take part in activities. For elderly people who have dementia and disabled adults recreational and social activity may sometimes be difficult. More mobility limitations mean more activity restrictions. However, social activity is an essential aspect to maintain a healthy quality of life and independence.

A person’s ability to move around in his environment can directly affect his ability to fulfil his basic and social needs. Social needs for adults with disabilities and seniors with dementia must be continued in order to maintain a satisfactory life. A lot of elderly people tend to experience social activity withdrawal while their mobility decreases. And a number of individuals don’t maintain a healthy social activity level in their lifetime. To maintain social activity with limited mobility, here are some helpful tips.

Socialize with Family and Friends

It is imperative to continue to call and see each other as often as possible. Continuing to socialize with the people close to you will help you maintain a healthy level of social awareness and activity with other seniors and people with disabilities.

Perform Some Physical Activities

Despite limited mobility, older adults and those with disabilities must still get out and perform exercises in order to move their body around. They don’t have to do extreme exercises. Consider stretching, taking a walk, dancing or swimming. All of these can help maintain your independence and mobility. But you can also do these even if you are with one of our staff at Attentive Care, Inc. who ensures you get the best possible home care services in Jersey Shore.

Play Cognitive Stimulating Games

There is no need for you to move around in order to maintain a good quality of life. There are games that can keep your brain working and help fight dementia. These games include word searches, table puzzles, crossword puzzles and computer brain games.

Join an Community Support Group

This group is a great alternative to help elderly people with mobility issues and need regular social interactions. Your participation in this group lets you benefit from more opportunities for recreational and social activities. You can be in this group with our caregiver at Attentive Care, Inc. to ensure you continue to get the most important home care services in Jersey Shore even if your are outside your house.

At Attentive Care, Inc, we help elderly people who suffer from dementia to continuously move about their environment safely and take part in the social activity they need. Our people work together to maximize their potential to enjoy their independence despite their mobility limitations. Give us a call now at 1-800-493-5660 to benefit from our home care services in Jersey Shore.