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How Swimming Can Help Your Elderly Loved Ones

One of the very few exercises that work your complete body heat to toe is swimming. This form of exercise is prominent for it is a great way to gain agility, flexibility, strength, and endurance while you are enjoying your time with friends or family, or even alone to relax and have some “me” time.

Your elderly loved ones can comfortably ease in to this exercise for it is easily modifiable to one’s needs and abilities. Attentive Care Inc., a quality source of home care services in South Jersey, believes that giving your elders to have some swimming time can be a great exercise for them to achieve optimum health.

Swimming is a fun and healthy activity, but it has a whole lot more of specific benefits especially for an elderly person. Here are more of the things you have to know on how swimming can help your elderly loved one.

Increase flexibility and tone muscles
Flexibility and strength are the two aspects that should be sought after at any age. They can help your elderly loved ones move and get around easier making their life more enjoyable, comfortable, and more independent. You can achieve these through swimming!

Ease the joints
One of the only exercises where your joints take off the pressure is swimming. Given that water lifts and supports you, this can give your joints a good break while strengthening the muscles around them. For seniors, this can reduce the risks of joint pain and other complicated conditions.

Reduces the risks of chronic conditions
One specific benefit from swimming is on how it reduces the risks of osteoporosis. It can also reduce the risks of type 2 diabetes and heart failure and other related conditions. Furthermore, it can improve mental health by producing endorphins and provide relaxation and de-stressing.

Be a social activity
Social activities are important to be part of the daily routine of your elderly loved ones and swimming can be a great opportunity to be social. They can talk, have fun, and grown together whether they take the same classes or just spend time with each other in the water. Ask your provider of home care services in South Jersey on how swimming can be included in their daily routine!

You can even have different types of swimming activities:

  • Water walking
  • Water aerobics classes
  • Water relaxation classes
  • Just swimming

Get your elderly loved ones involved in achieving a healthy lifestyle through swimming! Call Attentive Care Inc. today! We, a trusted source of home care services in South Jersey, would love to formulate recreational activities such as swimming for your elders!