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How to Keep your Nails Attractive and Healthy

Women love to keep their nails healthy and stylish however due to some chores or hectic schedules, the nails are left behind causing them to look old and unattractive. There are also times when your nails will have discolorations or unusual dents that may cause serious infections.

Many believed that a healthy nail depicts a healthy body and so, as a senior, taking good care of your nails is one of the things that you should never forget. With that, here are some of the steps prepared by Attentive Care, Inc which offers the best home care service in Jersey Shore that you might follow to achieve a more feminine and stylish nails without harming your body:

  • Keep your nails clean

    Keeping it dry will help prevent bacteria and fungi from growing under your nails. You can also trim your nails using a sharp nail clipper to be sure that your hand is dirt-free. Gently rub your nails and the skin around it to exfoliate dead skins as well.

  • Be sure to keep the nails dry

    If your skin is in contact with water for too long, it can cause a split nails. These split nails can make a good home for the bacteria to live. That’s why you need to use gentle rubber gloves to keep your nails from a prolonged exposure to water as well as away from the strong and harsh chemicals that your hands might be in contact during house cleaning.

  • Use nail gels and cream

    Investing a little amount on your nails will do you no harm. Apply nail gels and hardeners to make your nails grow harder and stronger to avoid them from breaking. A nail cream can also help your nail to grow flawless.

  • Don’t forget to apply moisturizer

    Lotions and skin moisturizer is not only for skin but you can also use it on your nails. Apply thoroughly and be sure that you’ll apply lotion into your cuticles as well. To be sure that you are using the perfect moisturizer, you can visit your dermatologist.

  • Go Easy on nail polish

    Although nail polish man make your nails look chic and attractive, it can actually cause your nails a lot of damage. That is because of the high level of acetone (which can make your nails softer and easier to break) that is present in any nail polish.

  • Be gentle on your nails

    Don’t scrub your nails roughly because it might expose your nails to infection. Do not use nail cleaning tools under your nail plate to avoid nails from separating from the skin.

Taking good care of your nails is like taking good care of your skin. You need to put a lot of determination and invest a little money to be sure that your nails is healthy and is away from infections. If you or your loved one has a difficulty on taking good care of your nails, you can ask for the assistance of the best home care service in Jersey Shore.

The home care service in Jersey Shore from Attentive Care, Inc. is one of the best since aside from our professional staff; we also made it sure that our employees are capable in assisting you or your loved ones in your needs. Our staff is well trained to handle all your needs well so there is nothing that you should worry.

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