As your family weighs the pros and cons of elder care for your parents, you have questions. You’re not alone. Many people have questions and aren’t sure where to turn for answers. Here are some of the most common questions people ask experts in-home care.


Senior Care in Evesham NJ: Pressing Care Questions


What if Daily Care is Too Much?

What do you do if your mom or dad only need help once a month or every other week? Talk to an elder care agency about “as needed” services. Some agencies are happy to offer services, such as transportation to medical and dental appointments, as needed.

It’s also possible to have caregivers scheduled after a surgery. If your mom is having hip surgery and needs help for a few weeks as she heals, you can arrange temporary home care. Once she’s better, the services end.


How Can You Tell That It’s Time for Home Care?

What should you look for to know that it’s time for caregivers? Take a look around your parents’ home. Is the housekeeping done or are things being ignored week after week? If you’re noticing that the vacuum never leaves the closet and dirt and pet hair are piling up, there’s a problem.

If your parents have empty cupboards or are stocking up on frozen meals and nothing else, that can be a sign. Weight loss, lack of grooming and personal care, and withdrawal from usual activities are also potential warning signs.


Does Insurance Pay for Elder Care Services?

It’s not common to have health insurance that covers elder care. Your mom and dad may have a limited number of days with a home health aide following a stroke or other medical issues. It must be doctor ordered, stick to home health care services, and approved by the insurance company. If it’s not offered by your parents’ insurer, they have no choice but to pay out of pocket.

Elder care services that help with things like housekeeping, meals, and laundry are rarely covered. Long-term services are unlikely to be covered. Those who do get coverage usually have a separate long-term care policy.


What Happens if a Caregiver Fails to Show Up?

When you use an agency, caregivers should call in as soon as they know they can’t work. Whether they’re sick or can’t get their car to start, caregivers are asked to give as much notice as possible. Once the agency knows, they send another caregiver for the day.

Ask the agency as some send a supervisor or manager to your parents’ home to make sure your parents are not alone. The supervisor remains at your parents’ home until the caregiver or a replacement arrives.

Do you have additional questions? Don’t commit before everyone has answers or necessary information that helps make the best decision. Talk to an elder care expert.


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