Being a family caregiver to an aging parent can be complicated. Not only are there the issues of the physical work that needs to be done, like cooking and cleaning, there are also decisions that need to be made and finding new ways to communicate because of your changing role. Sometimes parents are reluctant to listen to advice from their adult children. So, what can you do when you are just trying to do what’s best and your parent won’t listen? Below are some tips that may help.


Senior Care in Voorhees NJ: Senior Care Tips

Senior Care in Voorhees NJ: Senior Care Tips


Be Respectful

Keep in mind that no matter what their condition, your parent is still an adult. Talking to a parent like they are a child isn’t likely to be productive. Your parent may be offended, which won’t get them to listen to you. Talk to them in a respectful and considerate manner.


Don’t Give Up

If your parent doesn’t accept your help or suggestion of senior care, don’t give up on the first try. You’re probably going to have to attempt the talk to them several times. Don’t lose your patience, just keep trying. However, avoid badgering your parent. Wait a few days before bringing up the topic again.


Take the Blame

When your parent is refusing to accept help from other people or from senior care, use yourself as the reason they need to accept the help. Tell them how using senior care will help you. For example, if you have young children, explain how using senior care will allow you more time to spend with your children. Or, if you’re struggling to find time to sleep or take care of yourself in other ways, talk about that.


Choose the Right Time to Talk

Don’t try to talk to your parents when they are upset about something or when your own emotions are heightened. Instead, wait for a time when everyone is feeling calm and the environment is quiet.


Reassure Them

If your parent is reluctant to talk to you about using senior care, it could be that they feel like you are abandoning them. Reassure them that you are not. In fact, if you can, try spending a little more time with your parent focusing on the relationship instead of talking about ailments or other matters. Let them know that having senior care won’t mean they won’t see you. Instead, it can mean that you can spend more time enjoying one another rather than focusing on caregiver duties.


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