So many studies and surveys have looked at the strain of being a family caregiver to someone with Alzheimer’s. Not only are social isolation and depression risks, but there is a financial strain, too. You’re paying bills for your parent, covering the cost of groceries and personal items, and cutting work hours as the disease progresses.


Senior Care in Woodsbury NJ: Alzheimer's Weighs Your Family Down

Senior Care in Woodsbury NJ: Alzheimer’s Weighs Your Family Down


The emotional and physical strain of caregiving for a parent with Alzheimer’s doesn’t have to weigh your family down. It isn’t easy, but there are things you can do to avoid excessive stress.


Use Online Programs to Track All Aspects of Care

There are dozens of free apps for Android and iOS mobile devices. You’ll find even more for PCs and Macs. Find one that suits your needs and install it. Use it constantly. They’re the best way to track and share things like medications, doctors’ notes, appointments, photos, and to-do lists with others in your family.

With everyone connected, there is no confusion regarding whether or not a medication has been taken that day. Everyone knows what happened during a medical consultation. People have upcoming appointments on their schedule. This makes it easier to schedule plans and ensure someone is there to assist your parent with appointments and care.


Join a Support Group

When you’re caring for a parent with Alzheimer’s, your emotions may run from anger to fear and sadness to anxiety. A support group gives you an outlet where you can vent those emotions without being judged. People are in your shoes and know how hard it is to be social, manage a job, care for your parent, and still have time to yourself.

Support groups are held online, in social media sites, and at local Alzheimer’s Association meeting rooms. You’ll find them in hospitals, senior centers, and some memory care communities. It may take a few attempts to find one that works well for your family, but when you do, it makes a big difference.


Hire Professional Caregivers

Whether you hire part-time or full-time caregivers, it’s going to make a difference. With home care services helping with some of your mom or dad’s care, you have time to socialize, relax, or take care of your other important tasks.

Home care aides can stay with your parent while you go to work. They can help with bathing, toileting, and personal care while you do the laundry and pay the bills. You can run errands knowing that your mom or dad isn’t alone. Call an agency to discuss the ideal schedule for your needs.

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