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Three Wonderful Effects Of Exercise To Senior Adults

If you think that you should be slowing down once you reach senior adulthood, we are sorry to burst your bubble: you are wrong. Though it is true that elderlies should be paying more attention to their movements to not harm themselves, it would not do them any good if they stop exercising or moving around all-together. In fact, the more they exercise, to the degree that they are allowed to, they are promoting wellness and warding-off illnesses more than when they just spend the whole day in front of the television.

Exercising can promote long-term health benefits.
Most senior adults are reluctant to exercise because they fear that it might endanger their health. That is not true. Just like other people of any age, exercise promotes better wellness and can generally improve the state of health of senior adults. Exercise lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, dementia, alzheimer’s, and obesity. Sitting still, on the other hand, increases the risk of incapacity and inability to do things on their own.

Staying active means lesser medications and fewer trips to the doctor’s office.
Since exercise keeps the body fit, it decreases the risk of a variety of conditions. It also helps seniors keep their strength, stamina, and vigor. With these benefits comes better immunity against certain diseases plus a better sense of balance, lessening the risk of tripping or falling.

Keeping a physically active lifestyle boosts good mood.
Exercise doesn’t just keep you healthy, active, and strong, it also promotes better mood because of the rush it creates within our bodies. We can just feel the positive vibe the more we sweat out. This benefit of boosting a better mood benefits everyone from age twenty to eighty.

Here in Attentive Care, Inc., a provider of home care services in South Jersey, we strive to provide the most appropriate care program to our patients depending on their profile. For senior adults who can still do exercise routines, we make sure that we inject that in our care plan and activities for the patient as a part of a wholistic program providing home care services in South Jersey. We don’t just do protection and prevention activities. Here in Attentive Care, Inc. we also promote wellness as part of our offered home care services in South Jersey.

So if you need to know more our different programs or you just need somebody who can attend to your loved ones while you are not around and give him assistance especially when exercising, then call us right away. You can reach Attentive Care, Inc.‘s office by calling us at 1-800-493-5660.