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Three Wonderful Tips for a Whiter and Stronger Teeth

Everyone wanted to achieve the beautiful smile which is why taking care of your teeth is very important. If a person won’t properly take good care of his/her teeth, it might lead to a serious dental or medical condition such as gum infection, bone loss, heart disease and stroke.

Many people would opt for a whiter tooth to feel more confident. They would do everything to achieve the flawless white teeth without even thinking that some chemicals they are using can make the teeth weaker.

Seniors seldom remember that the teeth should be kept strong as well or else there is a big chance that they will lose tooth earlier than what is considered normal. It might be scary but there is no need to panic because Attentive Care, Inc., provider of home care services in South Jersey has prepared tips to achieve white teeth while making sure that teeth are stronger than before.

With that, here are five tips to keep your teeth stronger and whiter:

  • Use Dental Floss and Mouthwash

    Brushing your teeth for 3-5 minutes can never give you a guarantee that your mouth is free from any bacteria. Be sure to use 18 inches of dental floss to remove the food particles that were not removed by brushing your teeth. Also, you may opt to use mouth washes or rinses which contain specific substances to maintain and kill bacteria in your mouth.

  • Avoid Alcohol, Coffee and Tobacco

    Avoid consumption of tobacco because tobacco was found out to be one of the causes of periodontal complications and oral cancer. You can also limit your coffee and alcohol intake. It might be true that they contain phosphorous which is a basic mineral for a healthy mouth but they can also deplete the level of calcium in your mouth which is a cause of a weaker tooth. In exchange of alcohol and coffee, you can consume milk which can strengthen your teeth.

  • Pay a visit to your dentist

    There is no one better than a dentist who can help you with your oral hygiene. Nothing will be lost if you will visit your dentist at least twice in one year to have a full oral exam as well as oral treatment. They can also give you tips on how to take good care of your teeth.

To have a wonderful smile is everybody’s wish. All you need to have is passion and great will to be able to properly take good care of your teeth. You can also ask for the assistance of a home care services in South Jersey.

Attentive Care, Inc. is one of those home care services in South Jersey that are willing and capable to help you with that since we have the complete facilities and professional yet approachable staffs/employees.